Nautical Knots

We are named ‘The Lazarette’ because this is the name of the locker on our wooden ketch where we keep all our ropes (tradition says that there is no such thing as a rope on a boat, because each has it’s own name, like line or halyard).

We have lived and sailed on wooden boats all of our married life, which is over 30 years now. During this time we have learnt many traditional skills whilst looking after our and other peoples’ yachts, painting, boat-building, engineering, rigging and rope work.

When we first decided to live aboard all those years ago, one of first things we made was an eye splice, we were so proud of it . It felt so nautical, using a fid and palm! So then there was no stopping us, we soon had turk’s heads everywhere.

Rope Nautical Mat 1115

Now with the help of Etsy we can show you our selection of knotted items that are decorative as well as useful, not only for on board boats, but in your cottage, house or on the end of your keys.


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